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As you watch the sun come over the Coteau Hills, hear a pheasant cackle in the distance, breathe in the crisp prairie air while steam rises from your cup of freshly brewed coffee, and you warm your hands around it, you will never forget this feeling and you will never forget this moment. The day you experience a South Dakota sunrise on the prairie at Coteau View Lodge will change your view of the world. LIFE IS GOOD IN SOUTH DAKOTA! Contact us today to reserve a room for your hunting adventure and enjoy all the hunting seasons South Dakota has to offer! We look forward to your stay at our hunting lodge!

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For entertainment and relaxation while at the pheasant hunting lodge, you can play a game of pool while others try their luck at a game of cards at the gaming table. For early risers who like a little time to be alone, we offer the sun-room to enjoy the morning sunrise over our beautiful Coteau Hills in South Dakota. One could travel the world and find many beautiful sites of serenity, but you will never feel closer to God himself until you experience all His grandeur on the wide open South Dakota prairie.

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Coteau View South Dakota Pheasant Hunting

South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Lodge

PREMIERE South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Lodge

Coteau View Hunts, the best pheasant hunting lodge in South Dakota, has many unique characteristics.  In the mid-to-late 1950s it was a newly constructed granary, holding up to 9000 bushels at one time, which in its day was a huge confined area. Today, we have added 3,500 square feet of living quarters for visiting hunters and their South Dakota pheasant hunting guides. Its rustic atmosphere features all the comforts of home, including a stone fireplace in the living room adjacent to kitchen quarters equipped with all your cooking and cleaning needs. A spiral staircase leads up to the sleeping loft, where the soothing atmosphere make relaxation easy.


South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Lodge
South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Lodge

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